What a busy week!

Hi and welcome to Harvey and Oliver's blog!

I will try and add a new post each week with pictures and videos and a bit about what we have all done. This is mainly for the boys as they get older so they can look back at what they got up to when growing up, but also for friends and family near and far to check in and see what we have all been up to! 

We have been very busy this week with packing and cleaning! Getting the keys for the new house on Thursday 20th and so frantically packing everything we don't desperately need. Poor Joe keeps coming home to empty cupboards and more packed cardboard boxes.

Harvey has taken to dressing Oliver up this week...

 Poor boy...!!

Oliver has also decided he wants to sit by himself this week! Not for very long but hes loving being able to play by himself. I keep getting paranoid he is going to fall over so this "widgey" is great support just in case.

Looking forward to getting the keys and decoarting this week. Hopefully the boys behave themselves so we can get it all done quickly! (as if!!)

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