Wibble wobble

Such a beautiful day today, its such a shame Joe has to work on Saturdays :( 

We have had quite a busy week this week. Harvey had to take in a pound and dress in red for Comic Relief on Friday.

Mummy forgot to get him a red nose so this was our "make shift" nose! He loved it and didn't want to wash it off at the end of the day. Mum had a cake sale at work so after I picked him up from playgroup we went along so H could buy a cake. Although he didn't eat his lunch as he told them he was waiting for cakes and Nanny's work! Oops! 

Oliver has been a very good boy this week, hes loved sitting up like a big boy and playing with Harvey. He only has the odd wobble now, although I still cover the floor in cushions in case he does topple over!

He tries so hard to crawl but I think he is too heavy to lift himself up!! Harvey commando crawled so I wonder if he will do the same. Or he might bum shuffle! Or skip that stage altogether and just walk!! Looking forward to the next few 'milestones'.

As i'm writing this i'm thinking... 9 weeks today and i'll be about to walk down the aisle. Cannot wait!

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