Dear so and so... (a first!)

This is my first "Dear so and so..." i have a feeling it will be the first of many!!


Dear body,

Please let me sleep properly tonight. I enjoy days out with my boys but i really don't feel like it when i haven't slept very well due to stupid dreams. So tonight, when i fall asleep, fill my head with nice dreams!

Thank you,

Your owner.


Dear lady accross the road,

Would you please be so kind as to stop peeping out your top bedroom into our living room and hiding whenever i notice you. You are old enough to not be so nosey, and young enough not to care. If you would like to be nosey, then the polite way to go about it is to say hi when you see me and we can start a conversation!

Look forward to it!

Your neighbour.


Dear So and So...

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