Less than a week...

...until Polly is 1!!! Eeeeekkk!! This time last year I was in terrible pain, severe SPD and having braxton hicks every 20 minutes or so. And still.. 6 days until i had him!
Looking back at the past year and it has been AMAZING. I can honestly say its been one of the best years so far.

So here are my top 5 best memories!!

1. My baby being born (obviously!!)
2. Our wedding day!
3. Harvey settling in to a new life with his new brother, he has been absolutely fabulous.
4. Getting the pooch!!
5. Oliver learning to crawl. When he strarted he got a whole new character, he became a million times more cheeky and his whole personality shone through! He is such a monkey, and ever so naughty!! But we wouldn't have him any other way!

Heres to the next year!

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