My pledge.

I feel like for a while now something feels missing from my life. I read a blog post recently about 10 things that make her happy and number 8. was friends. "The type when your feeling blue they call you up and say lets go and buy some shoes"! (sorry i cant remember who it was, otherwise id link up!). I don't have that, apart from my fab Mum! But I don't have many mummy friends.

So here is my pledge!

I, Charlotte Rawles, will attend a baby group every week.

How hard can it be??
Hmm.. i'm feeling nervous already! I went to a baby group every single week when His Lordship was a baby. We stopped going to bumps to babies when he was 1 as it was for bumps to 1 year olds. I was gutted as i loved it. So we started to go to toddler groups instead and I took him all the time. Since Polly has been born i haven't taken him to one. Not one single baby group! I feel like a terrible mother for this, but we have been so busy, and he does interact and socialise with other children (his brother for one!) but i cant help but feel bad that i've never taken him.

So as of September HLS will be going to playschool for 2 full days and 1 morning every week, so i have no excuse.

Bring on the tea, biscuits and mummy mingling!!

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  1. I have the same thought at the moment, Alyxis will also be going to nursery for 2 mornings a week soon, so Iam hoping to branch out and go to groups. Iam also starting to work with connections to mentor teen mums, so I will be going some some under 18 groups too!


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