Personal Challenge : August

So this is my first month on writing a personal challenge and i'm feeling super positive about it!! It took me a while to think up one but I think i've decided this is the best one for me.

Before me and The Husband got married i said to myself i would iron more!! I never ever used to iron unless i really HAD TO and i always thought i should make more of an effort.

Well, 2 months on and i do do a lot more ironing but i always leave it to pile up and up and have at least 2 hours ironing to do in one go. Which makes me tired just thinking about it!

So my personal challenge is to make sure i do at least half an hours ironing 3 or 4 days a week and keep on top of it all. I can't let the basket over flow!!



  1. I am doing my first personal challenge this month too! Good luck - the only time I do any ironing is if I have a job interview! Maybe I look scruffy but so far everyone has been too polite to tell me.

  2. I save my ironing for Sunday morning. Sunday is my 'make and mend' day. Do you iron sheets?


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