She is here!!

Our beautiful baby girl, Elsie Gem, was born on the 15th March at 4.17am weighing a dinky (for me!) 7lb 13oz!

She is an absolute dream and has made our family so so complete.

So by popular request, here is my birth story! Quite long winded but has the perfect ending -

Tuesday March 13th

38 weeks 4 days (By my dates.)

I had a consultant appointment to reuqest a membrane sweep.
10.30am – Membrane sweep complete! 1.5-2cm dialated and cervix very favourable. He said he was very positive I would go into labour. I came away thinking “yeah... right!”

I had a show that afternoon and felt very crampy and continued having strong braxton hicks (which I had been having for 8-10 days previous)

Wednesday 14th March

38 weeks 5 days

2.50am – Woke up needing the toilet.
Couldn't get back to sleep afterwards

3.31am – First mild contraction.

They then came every 10 minutes. I witheld from waking Joe up as there wasn't much he could do, and I was dealing with them fine.

Tried to sleep inbetween but couldn't.

7am – Got up with the boys, hoping they would start getting closer together as still only 10 mins apart.

By 8am they had pretty much stopped, getting one every 15 mins or so.

9am - Joe takes Harvey to playschool, and then Oliver and the dog out for a walk.

9.30am – I lay down to do my hypnotherapy and they start coming back whilst I was laying down and every 4 minutes. (woopeee I thought!!)

11.30am – Joe returns home, I get up to come and start lunch. They fizzle out again to every 10 – 15 minutes apart.

I got pretty frustrated by this point at the fact they were so irregular.

Still losing a lot of my plug, and started getting back ache.

5.30pm – Sat down for dinner and they started getting a bit stronger. Still not strong enough though and still irregular.

Put the boys to bed at 7pm and ran a bath for myself. Was getting bad backache and needed something to ease it off a bit. Was also exhausted as I had been awake since 2.50am!! I'm sure I tipped half the bottle of clary sage oil in the bath in the hope it sped things up, or made them stronger. I love the smell so wasn't a problem!!

Had 2 or 3 fairly strong contractions whilst in the bath but nothing to cry home about!

Spoke to Mum and we decided no point in her coming over yet as they were still so irregular, plan was to watch One Born Every Minute and relax as felt so shattered.

I spent the second half of OBEM bouncing on the ball and the contractions started getting stronger, and every 8-10 minutes.

10pm – Joe had blown the pool up ready, decided not to fill it as we would have to keep topping up with hot water lots and I couldn't actually get in it anyway as had no idea if I had even dialated much. I didn't want to risk getting in and everything slow right now (more than it felt like it was too!!).

We decided to go to bed in the hope I got some rest as I felt like I couldn't labour feeling so exhausted.

Little did I know they were going to start getting stronger the minute my head hit the pillow!

They started getting quite a bit stronger and I was having to focus on breathing through them. Not long after 12am (Thursday 15th March) I woke Joe up as I felt we needed to start filling the pool up. Even at this point they were only coming every 8-10 minutes still so I was umming and ahhing as to whether or not to ring labour ward. Thought they might laugh down the phone at me if I rung and said I was having strong contractions every 10 minutes!! Whilst Joe was filling the pool up they started coming every 3 minutes, so after I had about 6 in a row every 3 mins I decided he should ring labour ward just to tell them what was going on. (1.40am)

Luckily for us Beverly Quinn was on call, who was my midwife I had through my pregnancies with the boys. She rang us straight away and said she would be round in about half an hour.

2.10am – Beverly arrived.

Did a general antenatal check, everything was fine and she questioned me about whether I thought the contractions would fizzle away over the morning as they were quite irregular again and I didn't have one for a good 8 minutes after she had arrived!! (Typical!)

2.30am – Internal examination showed I was 5-6cm dialated! Wahooo!! Music to my ears! I think we were all quite shocked as contractions had been so irregular. I could have kissed her I was so happy! Beverly rung for a 2nd midwife to come.

2.45am – I get in the pool. Instant relief!!

I didn't have a contraction for about 10 minutes after I had got in the pool. I kept thinking to myself “its going to be a long long labour if it carries on like this.” Secretly felt pretty fed up with it and wondered if I could actually go another 4-5 hours of it.

3.30am – Started feeling lots of pressure. I knew I didn't need to push yet but thought to myself “well it can't be too much longer then!” then I instantly dismissed that thought and told myself im in for the long haul!!

3.40am - The 2nd Midwife arrives, Mandy. Very bubbley!

Contractions still very irregular, some coming over the top of one another and others there were 5 minutes in between.
Was coping fine just breathing through them, I felt very very sick and was terrified of actually being sick. I kept taking little sips of water as my mouth was getting very dry with the heavy breathing through contractions.

Beverly was checking my temperature, BP and baby's heart beat and they all stayed very regular and normal throughout.

Joe was topping up the pool with warm water quite frequently to keep the temperature okay for when she arrives. It felt so so lush when a kettle of boiling water was poured in!!

4.08am – My body told me to start pushing, Beverly asked me if thats what I was doing, que the unwrapping of things and getting ready! 

4.10am - Next contraction, more pushing.

4.14am – Waters popped on next contraction. Felt so so weird!! My waters haven't ever gone by themselves and when I had asked her to pop them when she checked me earlier and she had refused, I was a bit anxious that things wouldn't progress very quickly.
Waters were super clear which I was very pleased about.
As soon as they popped I felt her head come right down and I honestly thought she was going to fly out. Which she wasn't far off.

I felt a huge urge to push and I could feel her head coming out. I started to pant and pant her head out, although I so so wanted to push I refused to let my body push it out as I was adament I didn't want to tear!

Head out! I looked up at Beverly and said to her I wanted to catch her as she came out which she was absolutely fine about.

4.17am – Our beautiful baby girl was born. I caught her as I pushed the rest of her body out and double checked she definitely was a girl!!!

The sudden rush of love is just over whelming and she is absolutely beautiful. A head of dark hair and weighing in at 7lb 13oz, my smallest of the 3!

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