Transition from pre school to big school

So we are ACTUALLY here now. The last day is over and that is that. Yes, i blubbed like an absolute baby. Yes, i will miss him going there. Yes, i am absolutely bricking it for September.

6 weeks and 6 days of absolute FUN stand before us!

What we have planned -

23rd July - Staying for 2 nights with some lovely friends in Essex

28th July - Back there again for a birthday bash BBQ

5th August - Oliver's birthday, friends coming down for a little tea party type shindig

10th - 12th - Camping

18th - A very good friends little boys 2nd birthday

22nd - 23rd - Staying with my uncle in Norfolk

26th - Mum's party

That pretty much fills the diary!! So on one hand i'm thinking "Great! Loads to do and they won't get bored!" and on the other hand "oh my god we have stacks to do which means it's going to go super fast and before we know it september 6th will be here!!!"

In between all of this we have various play dates with friends and picnics planned, hopefully get to the beach at some point if the weather decides to feel like SUMMER.

I'm thinking come september i may actually be so exhausted i won't have time to sit and dwell!!

Thought of the day - Enjoy now, do NOT dwell on whats to come!! (an occuring problem i seem to have.)

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