My recipe of the week!

Well.. it's not REALLY a recipe. It's so bloomin' easy!!

Yummy Scrummy Slow cooked Pork!

I literally just smothered my 1.8kg piece of boneless joint in IKEA's Logenberry sauce and chucked it in the slow cooker. That was it.

On low for 9 hours. Bobs ya uncle - AMAZING pork. So amazing that with every mouthful i said "Mmmm this is goooood pork! Isn't it?? Isn't it really good pork?? That's good pork!"

I sliced/shredded it and served with home made potato wedges, home made apple sauce and sweetcorn (because i forgot i hadn't done any veg when i was serving it up!!)

 It was a big hit with the smallest, dipped in apple sauce and away she went!

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