Sunday outings!

Mum's day off in the week are Thursdays, we try and meet up even just for a cuppa every thursday but sods law we both have stuff going on. Since Elsie has been born we haven't had hardly any Thursdays together. Be it because Mum is busy, working, or i am busy or sleep deprived!! We have been REALLY missing our one day a week catch ups and so i took full advantage of E being that bit older, and Mum just so happened to have a birthday this month!

Joe is amazing with the kids and i fully trust him with all 3 of them together, he knows the routine inside out (just... :P ) and loves spending time with them. So combining all of this together, i had a brain wave. I know. I have to be careful.. some times these things don't end well! 

Afternoon Tea! Just us! Mum, and me! Somewhere posh, somewhere that does GOOD afternoon tea, and somewhere we can just sit and chat.

Ashdown Park Hotel


We went for a walk around the grounds before scoffing our faces and it was truly beautiful. Picture perfect, especially for a wedding!! Would have been even more beautiful on a summers day.

It was wonderful to just sit and natter without any interruptions (apart from the half dishy waiters...) and enjoy each others company like old times.

A LOT of scoffing went down... A LOT of tea was drunk... and a bit of goofin' went on ;)

Don't kill me... it's funny, Mum!! Hahahaaa!! This is why i love you so...

To sum up - 
  • Posh afternoon tea is amazing
  • This totally made up for all the Thursday's we missed
  • No interruptions and hot cups of tea = heaven
  • Joe is awesome for having the children all afternoon/evening
  • Swanky hotels are my kinda thing, one day i WILL be a "lady who lunches"
  • Nothing beats coming home from an afternoon out to my babies screaming "MUMMMYYY!" when i walk through the door.


  1. Wow this does look amazing! I am totally jealous!

    1. It WAS amazing! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read and comment :)

  2. I am not British, but I do adore a spot of tea every now and then;-)
    I am your newest follower my dear! Please take some time to visit me too:)

    1. Thank you for stopping by and following - much appreciated! Off to check your out now and return the love. Hope you enjoy reading my blog :)

  3. Wow! That looks like so much fun. I need to travel abroad. Found your blog via Mommy Mingle. I'm excited to follow along =) It is like I get to travel without leaving Kentucky! Check out blog if you get the chance!



  4. If only places like that existed in the states, I could definitely enjoy an afternoon tea. And coming home to kids screaming for you is a heart-melter.


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