Clear out phase 1.

A while back i remember reading on a blog about having a big clear out (i can't remember who it was or i would have linked up!! sorry!) and i read it thinking, "Yeah, i totally need to do this."

The feel good factor of throwing junk out, or re discovering things you forgot all about. Digging out old letters from friends at school and photos of when you had that oh so awful fancy dress idea! i LOVE it!! And i also love being brutal when it comes to throwing things away.

"Have i used this in the last 6 months?" Nope. OUT. Neeeext.

So i wrote my monday morning list of things to do. I'm sure Joe shudders at the start of my sentence of "Right! Let's write a.." oh gosh. not AGAIN. He knows its coming though, and i'm SURE he loves that feeling as much as i do when you cross something off!
  1. Clear out coat cupboard
  2. Clean upstairs bathrooms
  3. Clear out Elsie's clothes
  4. Clear out boys clothes
  5. Clean all bedrooms
  6. Sort through toys.
 Number 6 was the most daunting of all. I don't like chucking toys out, i don't like sorting through them and i don't do it when the children are about. Its half term, its christmas soon and it NEEDED to be done.

I decided to tackle it head on, i figured if i told them about the boys and girls who weren't as lucky as us then that may work. Did it work? Oh yes it did. Harvey is a very sensitive little boy, i didn't want to upset him but there is no point beating around the bush. Tell him straight and he mulls it around in his head until he realises what his actions will achieve.

He liked the idea of helping others and he even went as far as to choose which ones he wanted to give them (or not give them!!). Worked out really well, and whats more, Joe went through them all and i sat on the sofa drinking tea!! Score!!

But anyway... The house now looks in more of a state than before! But, a few more children are going to be better off for it and my little men have learnt the art of giving without receiving can still be as rewarding.

No pictures today. The house is far too messy.


  1. Hi! I nominated you for a liebster award! Come check out the details at my blog. :)


  2. We've just had a BIG clean out in the kitchen, I can't believe how much we got rid of!!
    My other half does the big toy clean out, we used the same idea about giving them to other girls and boys who don't have toys. His son absolutely loves the idea, to the point that he even asks to have a sort out to give his toys to children!

    I'm sure you've heard about them but we were thinking of making those christmas shoe boxes this year for operation christmas child? You get an empty shoe box and fill it with things from the list on the website, pop it into your local drop off point which are then shipped off to give out! I remember doing them in primary school but they seem to have died out. Here's the link; http://www.operationchristmaschild.org.uk/

    Happy cleaning! :)


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