Happy Halloween!

Weeelll... My whole "I don't do halloween" views went out the window today! Harvey is on half term and my bestest friend is home from travelling, another awesome friend had a spare day and my SIL had nothing planned either. This meant HALLOWEEEEEN LUNCH!!

I didn't go nuts with decs, purely because Sainsbury's had the worst selection ever this year.

But hey, who cares about decs when there are Mummy Sausage Rolls to scoff....

And ghost brownies to much....

And REVOLTING worms in jelly to "eat"...

That makes you pull this face...

And who needs cobwebs on the wall (i was really annoyed we had no cobwebs to stick on the wall) when we had pumpkins to carve...

And whats a halloween lunch without the little kitten!!?? HAHA!

Happy Halloween readers!

Don't forget i'm running my first giveaway here.


  1. So cute! We had last minute Halloween too and the kids where so happy. Have a great day!

  2. Such great fun shots - you nailed it .


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