Fantastic 5

So a while back i wrote about our fantastic 5 day. (had to check when i put that up. the 10th October). We are now on the 25th November and have just had our next fantastic 5 day. Thats 7 weeks. This makes me sad. We didn't even have a whole day together, just a morning.

But a morning of pure bliss it was.

The sun shone for us the whole way around and i hadn't ever been to these parts of our local woods before. Joe was keen to show me around this way!

A LOT of puddle jumping/crawling/diving/swimming went down. Mainly by Oliver.

The clearing that Joe wanted me to see was absolutely stunning. This photo definitely does not do it justice.

I'm so jealous of this picture... She's too heavy for me to carry in the carrier now. My back is messed up. But so so pleased Daddy gets to do it instead (yeah... i normally don't let him...) and she fell asleep on him and it was just totally lush.

Oh what a poppet, my very own little pink one. Unbelievable.

Heres hoping to the next Fantastic 5 day being sooner than 7 weeks away. I love these guys and this morning made up for the 4 weeks Joe has been working non stop for.

I also totally feel like putting the decs up soon too. Please don't tell anyone, i'm still meant to be bar-humbug. Monday 3rd is THE day. Shhhh. Totally not excited at all.

And on that high.. Happy Monday :)

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  1. Hola! Gorgeous pictures and a beautiful family. Daddy/daughter picture...priceless! Thanks for linking up with my Soul Food Mondays! I always look forward to it. Have a great week full of inspiration! :)


  2. Beautiful! What a great concept...an entire day {or even a morning, afternoon, evening} spent with your family is just wonderful. I think these days in life we totally overlook the importance of spending quality time together, getting out of the house, just doing something to enjoy each other and life as a family. I think you've just inspired me!

    Stopping by from Raising Imperfection. Already a follower of yours but wanted to say hi :)

  3. Found ya via Raising Reagan! Love your blog!

    Great pictures in this post! Can't wait to read more about you on your blog! Newest follower too!

    Kim @ The Queen of Overdoing
    Sweetsie’s Blog
    {Sweetsie’s} @ Storeveny
    {Sweetsie’s} @ Etsy

  4. Beautiful pics, family and nature is always a great combination. :)

  5. Such a perfect day! Your pictures are truly beautiful!


  6. Fantastic photos! I love love love this! I'm a new follower from the Monday Blog Hop! Hope you will hop over and follow me back!

    Julie @ Hey Mommy, Chocolate Milk

  7. Great photos - gorgeous place to be walking. And the photo of your sweet little girl..priceless.

  8. Visiting from Nugget on a Budget. Those pictures are gorgeous!

  9. How precious our time with family and it does sound like you all get too little of it. What blessings these images show and share, very lovely. I look forward to your next post~

  10. These photos are gorgeous. What a sweet daddy-baby photo. Your little girl looks so peaceful and lovely. There's nowhere I'd rather be than in the midst of a dense forest. It's just so quiet, serene, and wonderful. Thank you for joining me again this week.


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