Things are changing

The past couple of months have been a huge turn around in our house for quite a few reasons.

Harvey has come on leaps and bounds at school. Before he started he wasn't interested in anything educational at all. He can now not only write his name, but his brothers name too. Can recognise all the letters in the alphabet, read 18pg books, recognise all the numbers from 1-10 without any prompting and a whole load less stropping and tantrums.
All in all - school really has done him wonders! I couldn't be any more proud!

Oliver is learning at LEAST one new word a day. Puddle, santa, and chair to name but a few. Its the stringing them together that he is struggling with a bit more. But we'll get there! He is ADORING pre school once a week and he is turning into such a sweet little boy. (bar the terrible 2's tantrums.)

Elsie has changed most of all. From a moaning whingey non-sitting, non-moving, non-anything baby to a "I can do whatever i want, when i want, and if you didn't hear me the first time i will shout until you listen" child baby. She is the most demanding baby i've had and knows EXACTLY what she wants. And if its not good enough she will sure let you know! But hey, aren't all girls demanding? Long are the days of freaking out over routines. I have become a lot more relaxed with the 3rd baby and the days are just blending into one another. She is such a trooper, already so very cheeky.

Trying to get a photo of them all together and smiling is impossible. Here are my best efforts.

Happy Sunday guys!!


My first giveaway is over, and the winner was Julia Gibson! Well done!!! 


  1. I looooooove Elsie's baby mohawk! She's so awesome! :D xxx

  2. Sounds like your kids are making great strides! Isn't growth something amazing!!
    And nakkky baby pushups, ummmmm, now I'm dying. Of cute. Thanks a lot. ;)

    1. Lol!! I love your comments, always make me laugh! Growth is so so amazing, so much more to look forward to as well. X

  3. Look at those cute little faces. These pictures are great!!

  4. LOVE the lifted starfish! Wish Rosie could do that...


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