As most of my friends and family know, i'm CONSTANTLY debating/planning my/our future. Where we will live, what our goals are, what secondary school the kids will go to, any more children, work, education... the list goes on.

Its 11 days before C-Day. The tree is up and the house is pretty festive. We had Harvey's first school nativity on Wednesday. If anything was gonna make me blub, it would be that. My gosh did i blub. It was the sweetest most adorable thing i have ever seen in my life. The snowflakes, the angels, the shephards and of course, the kings!

For obvious reasons i won't put the pictures on here, but here is my little King for "aahhh" purposes!

We've baked brownies, we got in a mess and we licked the spoons. It felt good. We spent lush quality time together, just me and my boys yesterday afternoon. Being ill for a week knocked us all out of sorts, we hadn't done stuff in what felt like months. 

 Cheeky finger in the sugar there..

 I plan on doing this a whole load more over the holidays. 

Anyway... my point to this was a warm feeling of content and safeness.

We are a family of 5, who are super lucky to have the things we do. We are at such a happy place right now that i don't want anything to change. Yes of course we would like to own our own house. Of course we would like a bigger house with a bigger garden. But the family unit we have, the strength of us as a team, the love and joy in our household right here, right now, is unbreakable. And i really don't want to throw anything catastrophic into it. 

I can't wait to spend this christmas pregnant free, pain free and family full. 

I thought i would feel ridiculously broody when my niece came along, but all i felt was love and warmth. I didn't feel that "omg i really  need another baby" like i did after about 3 months with Harvey and Oliver. I didn't feel like i thought i would and i really think thats a sign that things should stay as they are.

 We are happy and content, and i'm EXCITED for family fun over christmas!

Thought of the day - Stuff the future, who cares when things right here, right now, are so good. 


  1. Lovely post! Harvey looks so cute in his costume! I can't wait to start baking with Ava. X

  2. Look at how cute Harvey is all dressed up. He's so handsome.


  3. What a perfect little king Harvey is. Great pictures. Thank you for sharing and linking up to the Empowered Living hop. I hope to see you back in the new year. Happy holiday.


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