Learning, and learning fast.

It seems the past 2 weeks have skipped me in a mass ohmygodmychildrenaregrowingtoofast blur.


Harvey is reading his books with no hesitation. The words "in" "it" and "is" are being replaced with words like "you" and "like" in his word card bag. Getting dressed and undressed at ease (when in a good mood) and jigsaws and lego are like second nature. He's getting to the age now where things we do are making memories. He has an INCREDIBLE memory and i've always tried to encourage it. I say a lot of "do you remember when..." and "Tell Joe what we did today". I really hope he remembers all the little things as well as the big things. Our first holiday this year and we WILL make it one to remember!!

Oliver has gone from nappies and not saying a lot, to a world of new vocabulary whilst sporting Peppa Pig pants. He has made HUGE changes already this year and I cannot begin to tell you how awesome it is not to have to change a filled nappy that smells like a dead animal. It just shows that the boy with little words can in fact understand more than he lets on. Way to go Polly!

Elsie has now clocked on that crawling means getting places. Getting places you are not allowed that could potentially cause serious harm to oneself. Yeah.. my house is not as baby proof as i once thought. Her little round baby face is getting more defined, its now that you start to imagine what she will look like at 2 years old. Thats a pretty scary thought. Not long until the big zero one. Heck, i need something to keep me from wanting a trillion more babies.

Happy 10 month old cheeks.

I said a few posts ago i was feeling quite lost with this blog. I was reading back at some old posts and i realised that most of the deep topics i write about its me questioning myself. I'm asking if what i'm doing is acceptable, if thats the norm. Maybe i've become lost because i'm at peace with how we are doing things. Parenting, being a wife, a stay at home mum... We are comfortable. I am feeling comfortable.

Of course we have our wobbles, of COURSE we still question ourselves in what we do, but generally we are agreeing and answering them before we have even asked.

I am feeling extra lucky this evening. I look at people my age i went to school with and they are dotting from job to job, not really knowing where to go in life. Not knowing who they are. This is me. A mother, a wife, and an amateur photographer. That feels amazing. I will be forever grateful to Joe and the children for helping me get here.

Thought of the day - Feeling comfortable and content is good. Its not so boring when you realise that plodding along can be fun.

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