Feeling slightly lost with the blog at the moment. Unsure of what direction i want to take it down...

It's becoming more photography based, i don't want to steer away from it being about the children but photography has become part of our lives, and it is The Life of Mummy Rawles.

Anyhoo.. whilst i ponder on my next subject to write on. Here is the start of our 2013 in snaps.

Give us a kiss!

Oliver in pants!! A turning point in the Rawles household!

Like dog like baby...

 Gosh! Our girl is crawling!!

Back to reality tomorrow. Early mornings, school starts, rushed days, tired evenings. Overjoyed. Bring on half term.

Thought of the day : Have loved our family time, not ready to go back to "normal" just yet.


  1. Those pictures are precious!! I remember when my oldest was completely potty trained and it was a total life saver. :)

  2. Very sweet! Visiting from MMM. I love the photos - do what you love!

  3. Family time is the best :) It's so hard when holidays are over and it's time to go back to normal life! The photos are all gorgeous but I LOVE the first one in particular!

  4. Hi there! I'm Hanna. I found your blog on the Monday Mingle!!! New follower here! Great blog:) Happy new year! You can find me anytime at


    xoxoxo Hanna

  5. Cute pictures.....visiting from I <3 my blog hop......good luck with the potty training.....it's a trip.
    Molley@ A Mother Life

  6. What a sweet, precious family you have!

    The good thing about blogging? It's totally whatever you want to do with it!

    Glad you linked up to mommy and me Monday!


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