I'm writing this now because in a couple of weeks i imagine that through blurred vision and hot sweats, i won't be able to type.

Dear Elsie,

One whole year is looming and my gosh haven't you changed our lives.Your two big brothers kept us on our toes, and then you were thrown (well, more swam.) into the mix and our whole house, family, lives changed. And wow oh wow hasn't it been amazing.

This little journey you have brought us all on has taught us so much. Mainly that girls rule the roost but also that not all babies can be structured, not all babies like to be told what to do and not all babies will sleep through even if these rules and routines are in place.

Your brothers happily went into the classic Gina Ford routine, they slept perfectly and were content through awake periods. You however, my girl, were the total opposite. Routines? Pffft. You do your own thing and you do it good. But no matter how much you have slept, or how little, you ALWAYS brighten our day.

You aren't walking yet but you are so close. Cruising about the furniture and using anything that moves as a walker. You fall down, and cry, and don't get back up again. And this leads to an hour long marathon of cuddles and constant hip placement. But thats fine, i get it, you're a girl, who likes a brave girl anyway? Drama queen all the way I say.

Your brothers adore the ground you crawl on, and you love them right back. I still can't believe we are at this point. An amazing little girl. Girl. G.I.R.L. Wowsers.

Your Daddy thinks you are out of this world. He would do anything for you, like he would your brothers. But that daddy - daughter relationship is something special. Something i love to watch, and i know that spark in his eye will never go.

I look at me and my mum and only hope and wish we have a relationship half as close as ours. Please let us be close. Please don't hate me if I don't like what you wear. Please don't scream at me if i ask who you were on the phone to or if i secretly stalk you on your first trip to town with your girlfriends. Please let me brush your long silky hair and plaite it so gently, and please let us dress the same and go for girly days out. I won't mind if you don't want to learn to dance, and i won't mind if you get your favourite dress grass stained. I'll always be here if you need me. When you have an argument with your best friend or they let you down, i'll always be here. I'll be your best friend if you want me to be and i'll take care of you when you need me. Just don't ever stop being my little girl.

All my love,



  1. Ah - she is lovely. I have 2 boys and then a girl. Much the same . Totally different girls aren't they?! My sweetheart is 5 now and I love every minute I spend with her and her brothers still adore her. Happy days! X

  2. Awww, what a sweet post. She is beautiful. Happy birthday to your little girl!!

  3. Congratulations on turning one! :) The are lovely images of your daughter...

  4. I love these!! What sweet pictures of your little girl!!


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