Starting a "career"

Even writing the word out petrifies me. I don't even know if i can call it that yet.

I haven't had a job since 2007. 5 years of being a mum and what seems like 5 years of being pregnant!! We are done with our babies for now so I thought it's about time i took control of ME. Started something that I want to do, for ME. 

Joe introduced me to the world of photography when we first started seeing each other. He was amazing, and i loved all the pictures of Harvey he took instead of my crap phone and compact camera. He taught me the basics and I couldn't put it down, anything i could take a picture of i did. And thats how it all started. And i will be FOREVER thankful and grateful for all that he has taught me. 

Its like an addiction, and obsession. Wherever i go, it comes with me. Whatever i do, i take a picture. Whatever i see, i imagine it in a frame. And making a career out of this obsession, addiction, is something only fairytales are made of.

I have an ambitious nature. I have to do my very best at all times or there's no point. I have to do it properly, and i have to be proud of it. The one thing i love about photography is how creative and different every image is. I love that every family has different ideas and every child pulls a different face. 

I've had to really think about work life Vs. family life. Trying to do both equally is working out well. Obviously i am only at the starting line with photography and there is a whole load more to do and learn, but i'm really liking the way its going... 

I reckon this is it, ya know. 

Whether i "make it" or not, i don't care! If i do 1 photoshoot or 20 a month, i will still love every second of it. Not many people can go to work knowing they are going to adore it and have fun. So i'm going to soak up the happy bubble of photography-lovliness i'm in and go for it head strong, all guns blazing and give it my all.


 Meanwhile at Rawles Residence...

I have so much love for these little girls you wouldn't believe.

Day 26 : Together

  Day 27 : Sun

I forgot about sharing my weekly 365 day photos... You can check the rest of them out HERE

Also... Who's on instagram? @mummyrawles - Would love to see your daily updates! 

Thought of the day : Blog revamp is in the making... Well, in my head. Incorporating "business" too...  


  1. That's great!! Well done. I love the black & white photo. Gorgeous!x

  2. You will succeed regardless of the amount of work you do. Your photos are simply amazing! Good luck!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  3. Hi, don't forget as part of the 'I Love My Post' blog hop, you have to follow all the hosts and co-hosts(including me) to take part :)




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