I'm not a lovey dovey person. I'm not a huge fan of romance (but who doesn't like to be spoilt!?) and i'm not really the gushy cheesey type either. So V Day isn't that bigger deal in our house. Although, i think its good for the children to see us appreciate it. We do cards.. thats about it.

Not really sure why you should spend an obscene amount of money on a card and present to tell someone you love them, when you should tell them daily anyway. BUT I WON'T GO INTO THAT!!

However... Last year i was 8 months pregnant and could barely walk from the car to the house without feeling like my pelvis was going to snap in half so I didn't even manage a card. I'm so lame.


This year i'm cracking open the wine, putting my feet up whilst i'm made a 3 course meal and i will text him numerous times to tell him i love him.

Because this year i'm gonna be even more lame.

Happy V Day folks.


Did i just type 'xoxo'? Crap.


  1. Lame is perfect on V Day xoxo (yeah I just did that!)

  2. I called hubby from my sick bed yesterday to ask for a favour and told him happy valentines and he laughed at me. Now that's love.


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