First up - a massive HELLO to all my new followers!! Where did you appear from!?


Celebrating Elsie's 1st birthday has been an emotional one. I managed to hold back the uncontrollable histerics, the type when you can't even breathe properly (like when you were 8 and the shop ran out of your favourtie sweet and nothing else would do.) We trooped on through and had a lovely spread out 3 days of reminiscing and loving, smiling and being so so thankful.

We celebrated just us on her actual birthday and had a lovely party on Sunday, we feel very lucky to have such wonderful friends and family.

But obviously the only picture i got of her in her a beautiful dress that Mum made for her was covered in food and chocolate...

Feeling very sad that that will be the last 1st birthday party we hold. Slightly heartbroken that the baby days are officially over. Excited to watch her learn and grow, ecstatic to see them all interact more with each other and build up amazing relationships between the 3 of them.

I guess this is the beginning of the rest of our parenting lives. Knowing its the 5 of us, growing up just us, enjoying each others company and planning our future. The 5 of us.

*Insert cute picture of the 5 of us here.* Oh crap. We don't have one.

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  1. Beautiful post; so glad to have found your blog. Seeing your beautiful girl makes me long for days long ago (mine will be 17 in 10 days and her pink outfits are much edgier!). I'm visiting from the blog hop; stop by and see me at www.pushingonarope.com...


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