Getting stuff done

Sitting down after a long 2 days. Long, but equally as rewarding and fullfilling.

Where we are at now is good. REALLY good. We had a day in London yesterday, first time kids have been and they were amazing. Not amazing like, they moaned a bit and didn't eat lunch but overall they were good. Amazing like, they didn't put a foot wrong. Amazing enough to make me want to cry with pride, enough that i told as many people as i could how proud we felt when we got home.

Okay i'll stop with the smugness now....

Take a look at them though!! N'aaawwwww!!

Three tiny people in such a big city.

We spent the day today sorting and clearing. And cleaning and pruning. And digging and weeding. Out with the old, and in with the new journey on my our lives. Out with the baby stuff from the garage. The rocker, the walker, the carrier. Making room for studio backdrops, studio lights and stands. Clearing the clutter means a clear mind, a clear head and a sigh of relief.

It feels good to not be planning a baby, to not be pregnant and be tired. It feels amazing to relax and enjoy. To take comfort in knowing what you have is all you will ever need now. That dull ache in my heart that always longed for another baby in previous years has now vanished and its filled with a very vibrant ache of love. Love for my family, for my home and our full lives we all lead. I am so so lucky.

Thank you french student for taking the ONLY nice picture of all 5 of us ever in the history of the Rawles 5.
Cannae wait for Charlie to get a stack in June of us.

Thought of the day - Heart is full to the brim of love for those guys. Swelling and throbbing and aching, this was what i was made for. To love, and give, and cherish. To make a family, and to strain my heart so much its walls become tougher than steel.


  1. So good they were having fun in England, and did so well considering its a big trip!
    I still have that ache, but its not as strong as used to be, other things take up the void.
    Its not the same as being able to have the choice to have another baby, but its something that I have gotten used to.
    Gorgeous photo of the five of you :)

  2. You captured some beautiful moments with your beautiful family. How lovely!

    I'm a new follower from the blog hop.

    Shelli @ http://www.shelliproffitthowells.com/amusings


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