A birthday letter to my biggest baby

Dear Harvey,

This year seems bigger and more of a deal than ever before. Even more so than the 1st. When you were 1 I cried a lot, we took you to the park and your little curls and chubby cheeks took my breath away. You giggled your little heart out at everything!

You were oblivious to anything negative, anything remotely harmful and you made everybody who made eye contact with you smile. 

At 2 years old you had made friends, your chubby cheeks still remained and your curls had gone but that infectious smile remained. 

At 3 years old you were a big brother, you loved to show him off and you were so so helpful. Your personality was really shining and I could already see how much of a wonderful person you were becoming.

Then you grew up. A lot. 

You were confident at playschool, you weren't afraid to talk to anyone and anything and knew exactly what you wanted. Your speech was incredible and you shocked us daily with your knowledge and memory.

4 years old and you were ready to start school, you had your friendships ready made and your alphabet memorised. My little baby boy was a brother to 2 siblings and didn't seem so little anymore. The biggest of the family yet in my heart still so small.

And here we are. Your first year at school is nearly over. Your intelligence astounds us all and your smile still beaming. How did you grow up so fast? That time just flew past and I can't really believe I have been a Mummy for 5 years. 

A stick is no longer a puddle stirrer its a sword, a football doesn't get kicked a meter it gets launched across the garden. You can read, you can write, you colour things in with such concentration and your memory is still beyond amazing. You aren't that little chubby cheeked, curly locked pudding I once held so close. You are a young boy who knows his own mind and has taken a step in the real world. Your innocence is becoming thin and you are so aware of bad and good. 

I wanted to shield you from all things awful. I didn't want you to use a mop handle as a gun or watch teenage mutant ninja turtles on the TV. You're still so young and fresh. Your knees may be graized and your elbows bruised but your heart stays untouched and full, and I couldn't wish for any more.

You make me so so proud.

Happy 5th Birthday sweetheart!

Loving you forever and always,




  1. Love it. So so sweet. Happy birthday gorgeous boy x

  2. Awww, he is a cutie! Happy birthday to your not-so-little-anymore boy!!


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