Sticking to what you know

At 5 months old Harvey was waking up in the night, going down to sleep in his pram in the kitchen at 9 and being transferred to his cot when i went to bed. He woke up a lot. Had to hold my hand to go to sleep. I then found a baby sleep help guide.

God bless you baby sleep guide.

From then on I knew the best thing for us all was routine. Routine routine routine. Same same same. It worked. He slept through on day 3 and slept like a dream throughout the day. Perfect napping times, a joy when awake and content through the night.

When Oliver came along i found Gina Ford and I knew that this would be right for our family. I like to be in control and I like to know whats coming next. Its not really a power thing, its more knowing what is going on and how i can plan. More that i like to be in control of a situation and if my baby is screaming and demanding a nappy change and i have no idea if they are hungry then i am so not in control. It wouldn't end well.

When we were pregnant with Elsie i didn't question what i was doing. I knew routine is what we would do because this is all i knew. It was now the norm for us as a family.

Its all about holding it together when it gets to number 3. If we didn't have routine i would have lost it.

I can't lose it.

She is now 13 months old and I thank Gina Ford for not letting my household fall apart! Doing what we do through the day with broken sleep through the night would be the ending of us all!

So breaking out of the norm this year I start to do things that aren't planned. Things that I don't really think about before i do them and totally out of my comfort zone....

It feels good to step outside the box. Outside of what i am used to and what is normal. Getting back 'me'. Not "Harvey's Mum" or "The mum with the huge pram". I want to be Char, the photographer. The lady who has funky hair with rad kids.

Yep, that'll do.

Family Rawles are enjoying the spring time, hence being quiet lately. So much to do and so little time...

Thought of the day - Maybe stepping into the unkown isn't so bad afterall...

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  1. Hmm interesting! In my "real life" I was very well organised but now I have BabBee I have been much more go with the flow, and not had any sort of routine at all however 4 months have hit and sleep is disappearing and I am wondering about implementing a routine... Good to hear it worked for you and I am going to keep pondering! Bee x


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