Flying the nest

So the time came when my last baby took her first trip to pre school.
In an excited frenzy of 'I must run really fast to get in and have as much play time as possible' she fell head over hills and started her first session with a bruised and scraped head and full of tears.
Less than ideal but at least it took the attention away from me about to choke up 
into a hysterical blubbering mess.

She was all guns blazing, ready to take on this new stage in her life. She hasn't stopped talking about it, hasn't stopped wanting to wear her backpack, in the hope that if she puts it on we may go back very soon.
One morning a week I really don't think will be enough for her.
We'll see...

In the meantime, what do I do with my one morning of child free time? A whole 3 and a half hours of peace and no nagging. I'm kinda loving the possibilities.
Maybe i'll take up yoga or spinning classes. Or have a morning nap.

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