Monkey Dunk *REVIEW*

So a couple of weeks ago a post came up on my facebook newsfeed asking all parents who have a blog with children aged 3+ to email Mummynews to review a few games. So i thought, why not!? The following day we revieved a big parcel, Harvey excitedly opened it up to discover a game - Monkey Dunk. My mind went blank for a moment and thought I had opened one of his birthday presents early then remembered the email i sent the day before. How fast was that!!?
It was from age 4+ so i was a tad concerned we wouldn't be able to play it and he wouldn't be able to get the hang of it. He frantically opened the box, got all the pieces out whilst I was attempting to read the instructions (which were pretty straightforward!).

So after explaining to Harvey what we had to do he says "Okay! Lets play! I'll be green!!" So off we go, we push the elephant down and start "dunking our monkeys". Quite clearly i wasn't very good, and Harvey beat me. I thought the monkeys would be too hard for him to "pop" but he managed perfectly fine. 

The only concern i had was if there were four 4 year olds all playing, the board wasn't big enough to all flick their monkeys. We struggled with just the two of us, maybe we are too boistrous!?

Overall we really enjoyed ourselves and i would happily pay the £9.99 retail price for a 3 or 4 year olds birthday.

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