Pop goes froggio *REVIEW*

So after getting very excited over our last game in the post, a day later another one arrives. I had no idea we would be recieving a second game so this time I excitedly open it! Pop goes froggio - the one game Harvey gets excited over on the TV!!

Initially he didn't take much interest in the fact you have to spin the dial and find the right character, the fact you jump on a lilly pad foot pump and the frog flies through the air was much more appealing! This game is age 3+ so I figured he would get the jist pretty quickly. 

The foot pump part of the game was quite stiff at first, he couldn't make the frog fly for quite a while. It definitely needed wearing in a bit. After a day of flying the frog through the air we sat down properly and talked about what we had to do to play the game, easy peasy and he got the jist very quickly, like i thought. 

A great game to play with more children, although would need a large clear space as its quite a full on game, but fantastic and definitely worth the money at £14.99

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