Child update!

Sort of side tracked from the whole point of this blog. Update on the boys!

Harvey goes back to playschool next week. Hes starting to go 2 full days and 1 morning a week! Eek! Im really looking forward to getting some structure back to our weeks and hoping it means the days don't drag as much. Although will find it very odd him being at playschool 9am - 3pm 2 days a week!! My baby is growing up! Will have to start thinking about school soon too as we are meant to be applying around christmas time.
He has learnt to hop this week! Very cute! Didn't take him very long to learn, his balance isn't as good as what it could be so thinking this will help him along the way. He is also asking a lot more what things say. He can point out the odd letter and number too on his big red bus. Im sure it wont be long and he'll be telling me what things say instead!!

Oliver is coming along leaps and bounds!
Favourite things this week -
Pulling things out of drawers (much to my annoyance.)
Walking between furniture!!
Playing in the dog cage (lovey, right!)
Poking my eyes and stealing my glasses (which is apparently, hilarious!)
Daddy coming home! Although this isn't a new favourite thing, this is ALWAYS!

Least favourite things this week -

Getting dressed
Being told "No!" when pulling the pooch's ears and tail
Being told "No!" in general....
Running out of food
Teeth! Ouch!

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