Personal Challenge : September

SEPTEMBER!!?? Where is this year going!?

Well, last months personal challenge was to keep up with my ironing. I will be honest, i fully failed this the first 2 weeks, BUT im now down to one basket (This is a result!) thats just those odd bits of ironing you can't be bothered to do because you never wear them anyway!! So i think Personal Challenge : August was achieved! Wahooo!

Now, what to do this month? I still can't believe its September already. That means we are much nearer to christmas (boo!) and closer to winter (even bigger boo!!). So, recently me and the hubby have joint decided to start Polly on cloth nappies. I had so much fun picking what brands and colours to use and we are now on Day 2 of full on cloth nappy wearing! So far i have realised i need more nappies as i have a delightful son who likes to spread his poos out and fill 4 nappies in the space of 3 hours. (I think he knows im trialing them.. hes helping me out really...)

So my personal challenge this month is to buy more nappies (hehe! so hard...!!) and to keep up to date and keep on track with what i'm doing and DON'T GIVE UP!!!

I'm actually looking forward to this months challenge, last month i wasn't so.

Will report back in 29 days ;)


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  1. Well done for succeeding with the ironing, I just give the clothes a shake and hang them out to dry and that's it, I can't stand ironing so I am impressed you stuck to it.

    Loving your new challenge - I have been using cloth nappies on Kayleigh since she was about 5 weeks old and I think they are fab! In fact I love them so much I have recently signed up to be a nappy guru for fill your pants - so if you need any advice or have any teething troubles with your nappies let me know and I may be able to help!


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