Nappies Nappies Nappies!!

Oh my goodness me....

We are (I am..) rather a big fan of TotsBots nappies and follow them on facebook. My love started with a few pre loved. Simple and easy to stuff, and put on. They wash well and dry quickly. Whats not to love?! The prints are adorable too...

Well you can imagine my excitement when they released pictures of their NEW prints. Fairytale range, and 2 Brit Bots prints.

They also have re designed their EasyFits to coloured applix and minky inners and also now doing them all in POPPERS! Amazing!!

Now to decide which ones I (The children) need first!! 

(Oh and they are also doing then rainow colours in teenyfits so I think baby R will need a few in her stash...)

Ta-Ra for now x

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