Officially "term"

37 weeks today! Thats it now. She is fully cooked. She has a pair of lungs ready to scream from and a bot ready to poop from! How exciting is this!? Now all you need to do, my little cherub, is come OUT!!

So.. my hospital bag is packed (although hopefully we won't need that!), my home birth box is stocked up, my birthing pool has been delivered and waiting to be blown up, her clothes are washed, dried, and ironed within an inch of their life. Her pretty pink dresses hang beautifully in her wardrobe and her nappies are weirdly stacked and colour co ordinated neatly on her dresser. Her little pink muslins and bibs are waiting to be puked on and her beautiful moses basket is waiting to be slept in (hopefully!!!!).

What happens now??

We wait.

Well I have spent the past 9 months waiting. I get to term and i STILL have to wait?

The pineapple shall be consumed, along with hot curries and copious amounts of raspberry leaf tea.

Lets see how much waiting we have to do then! Don't keep us too long madam!

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