Enjoying those last couple of weeks

Less than 4 weeks until my due date and I can't help feeling a little sad I can't fully enjoy these last few weeks with my boys.

SPD has been the bane of this pregnancy and has most definitely put me off having any more children. It has stopped me doing just about everything a mother should be doing. From walking Harvey to playschool, to changing Oliver's nappy. I can honestly hand on my heart say I have not particularly enjoyed this pregnancy. Although all still VERY VERY exciting, I just wish I could take the boys up to the park when we have a spare half an hour in the afternoon instead of trying to find things for them to do whilst I try and rest!!

So I may only have 2 weeks left (fingers crossed!!), but i intend to at least try and enjoy them!! Now i just need to find some things to do that doesn't take up much energy and doesn't require me to walk far or stand up...

All suggestions welcome. ;)

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