Breastfeeding... 5 weeks in

5 weeks in and i'm pleased to say she does not have the same problems as Oliver had! *claps*

I have to say she has been the easiest fed baby so far. Yes, she does fuss at certain times of the day, but shes pretty efficient and an average feed is only 20 minutes long. This makes life so much easier with 2 toddlers demanding my attention too!

I do feel like its going well this time because I know more, and have the sources to find out. With Harvey i was literally counting on the health visitor and my darling mum for advice. Theres only so much they know, and I had no idea there was a whole world of information on blogs and breastfeeding websites. Kellymom has been a god send to us this time, and also breastfeeding forums have been amazing. What did people do 50 years ago? Just struggle on through and not know all the ways to help the pain, get a better latch or up your milk supply? Thank god for the 21st century i say!

The boys have coped amazingly well with me feeding every 3 hours (or less!). I was really worried they would want to climb all over me and want to know whats going on, or fight... or climb on the furnitue... or chase the dog around the house... but actually they have been fantastic and took it all in their stride. Oliver loves to read books so we quite often have a reading session whilst i feed Elsie, one of the afternoon feeds i time over when he is asleep so me and E get some bonding time, and i don't have to keep Oliver occupied.

It seems we have it sussed, and i am absolutely LOVING it.

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