Dear so and so...

Haven't done one of these in AGES. And tonight, i feel the need for it!!


Dear Postman,

I do apologise about the amount of parcels that get delivered through our door on a weekly basis. I just wanted to take this time to thank you for being a wonderful postman and i do enjoy our "small talk" chats!
Keep up the good work!

Yours truly,

Number 11.


Dear Mrs Cloth Nappy Inventor,

I can only assume you are a Mrs. No Mr would invent such a wonderful wonderful thing.

Now... Unless you would like me to have an early divorce i suggest you stop making such wonderful nappies because quite frankly, i'm going to go bankrupt. Why must you have such fabulous websites with all these pretty fluff pictures and all the amazing accessories to go with them?? Why must you make me buy a new one at least once a week, and why must you make them fit my babies so well?

Please, just stop tempting me so much because I do blame you for my forever 0 bank funds.

Thank you,

Addicted Mumma.


Dear Health Visitors of East Sussex,

I would really like it if you would read up on breastfeeding and every other problems and milestones etc that may occur in my childrens lives. It would be so so helpful if you knew what you were talking about and gave sound honest advice instead of "they will grow out of it" or "go and see your GP".

I come to you seeking help and i really do not appreciate being told i need to put my baby on formula milk instead of gold top mummas finest. I could sit here and moan about you all day but maybe i'll save it for a rainy day. (would you believe it, its actually sunny!)

No appreciation,

That annoyed mother who shouted last week.


Dear Harvey,

Will you stop growing up now please.

Yours always,

Mummy x

Dear So and So...

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  1. Dear Wife,

    I love cute fluffy nappies too and do not plan to divorce you.

    Yours always,



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