Four years old!!!


Oh my goodness my baby boy is 4 years old.

Saturday we had a pirate themed party! Argh! It was fab, even if birthday boy was a tad overwhelmed by the whole thing and sat down 95% of the time...

Uncle Joshy did a fab disco and party games and they all joined in and had a blast! All the kiddies made such an effort with dressing up, it was so sweet!

Our living room was swamped in balloons and presents and cake saturday afternoon, we had a few people back to ours for a barb and chats. Mum made his birthday cake because 1. She has a kitchen aid. 2. I'm crap at making them. 3. Shes far more crafty than me. 4. Mums for the win. And didn't it look fantastic??!

My sister in law (to be!!) made these YUM cupcakes to go in the party bags, they tasted amazing and looked fantastic! What a lucky boy!

The birthday boy did eventually cheer up and enjoy himself...

His actual birthday was yesterday (Monday) and we were planning on a lovely day out just the 5 of us. Until he got his remote control quad bike and we were summoned to the garden all day! Cheap day for us and he had a good time enjoying all of his new toys. The weather was beautiful and we had a very relaxing day.

I can't get my head around the fact he is 4. It seems such a huge milestone. Sounds much more grown up than 3, and only a few months until school.. *sigh*

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