Messing with emotions.

For the past 2 wednesdays Harvey has had a taster session at school. The first one was an afternoon there and the second was a morning and to stay for lunch. His initial reaction wasn't great and he didn't really want to go. But on the walk down he seemed more than happy, especially walking with a couple of friends.

Leaving him wasn't as bad as i thought on the first session, was very odd and the walk  back distracted me because my GOSH that hill is a killer with a double pushchair and a 2 tonne boy sitting on the front of it!! Picking him up we didn't get much feedback from the teachers, he said he enjoyed it but on the walk home he said he didn't want to go back as he liked playschool much better.

Second session was yesterday and i found it much much harder than the first. Maybe because he was staying for lunch and it was a morning so it gave us a taste of whats to come. I can't help but feel so so nervous about the whole thing. Its such a huge step, for him and for me too. My baby boy is growing up and i'm not sure i'm ready to let go yet!!

As it turns out he loved it this time and apparently he was very well behaved at lunchtime. (Thank goodness!! I had visions of jam sandwiches on the ceilings and mini cheddars in his teachers hair!!)

So the uniform has been bought... The forms have been filled in and all the taster sessions are over. (Other than a teddy bears picnic next week!) We have the whole summer holidays to get even more nervous and then that. is. it.


Thought of the day - Your baby is growing up. Deal with it.

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