To judge or not to judge.

So not that long ago we had our first public feeding with a bottle. Why is it that when your breastfeeding you feel uber self concious that some people don't like what your doing, then when you bottle feed you can't help but think I wonder what people are thinking of me bottle feeding.

I know that when i look at a newborn baby with a bottle in its mouth i can't help but wonder why they didn't breastfeed. I don't ever feel angry or disappointed as there could be (and probably is) a damn good reason behind it, and i KNOW that some people just do not like it and therefore could never contemplate doing it. But what do others think? I look around and see a lot of mothers with toddlers / pre schoolers etc and wonder how they fed, and wonder if they are looking at me thinking "gosh, why isn't she breastfeeding?".

I think i should walk around with a sign on my head saying "I DIDN'T CHOOSE TO DO IT THIS WAY." because I don't want to be deemed as someone who didn't try. My goodness did I try.

Not realy sure where i'm getting at with this... I guess i just would like to know what people really think about the way others feed their babies. Do you get judged more if you are a younger mother, or if you are an older mother does that make it okay? We all know every mother judges every other mother, its an unspoken matter of fact!

I guess there isn't a right or wrong way to feed your baby, everyone does what is best for their family. To hell what anyone else thinks, right?

Thought of the day - Stop being so self concious.

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