Planning ahead

So recently i've been thinking a lot about the future. Where do I want to go in life, what do i want to achieve and when do i want to do it all.
I took it upon myself to write a "life plan" with Joe and it put lots into perspective. That actually time does just fly by and before you know it a few years have passed and what have you got to show for it?
I like to write lists and I love the feeling of crossing things out when they are done. I love being organised and planning ahead, i don't like the unknown at all.

So we wrote it as a what we have done so far and what we want to do timeline -

2008 - Harvey was born
2009 - Me and Joe got together
2010 - Oliver was born and Feather's started
2011 - We got married
2012 - Elsie was born / Harvey starts school
2013 - Hastings half marathon
2014 - London marathon / Oliver starts school
2015 -
2016 - I want to start back in education / Elsie starts school
2017 - BIG holiday
2018 - Buy a house
2020 - To have branched out at work

The branch out at work is yet to be confirmed. Joe is very ambitious and always wanting more from work (and usually gets it too). But i'm sure it will come in time and by the time we are 30 have maybe a couple of shops, or gone global online! Who knows...

We would really like to buy a house before we are 30 too (2020). Even if it is just the house we are living in, we've got to start somewhere and we love where we live.

The marathon is something I have wanted to do for years although never really decided to actually do. I think it would be a huge achievement and definitely something to feel proud of. Joe has agreed to do it with me and the Hastings half marathon will be good practice! Better start jogging... I am SO unfit!!

So there we have it... My life on a plate.

Thought of the day - Writing lists is good, crossing things off is even better.

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  1. Got to love a 8 year plan!
    Good luck with it my love! Have you got a careers advisory service near you?


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