Words words words

Have you ever read something and have it totally change your mindset? Totally change the way you feel about something and make you look at something in a whole new light?

This morning a good mummy friend of mine shared a link to a blog she had seen on another friends pinterest. It was a birth story, written so so beautifully with so much raw emotion i sat at the breakfast table finding myself sob. Not sad tears either, more in just pure amazement and wonder. Its of how her world turned upside down (but not for the bad) when her second daughter was born with downs syndrome. Her words have so much meaning and really really made me think about the way i look at life.

 You can find her story here.

I often think to myself that I need to live for today. I'm the sort of person who plans 10 years in advance and gets stressed over if's and but's of things that may never even happen. I look at my children and worry about what life decisions they will make and whether the jobs they choose will be right for them and the people they marry will treat them well. Why do i do this? Why worry myself over things that are a million miles away? Life is DEFINITELY how you make it and if you make it a worry then whats the point?

Thought of the day - All of this over a blog? Words can mean so much.


  1. Thank you so much stopping by my blog :) So glad you enjoy it - now following you back, looking forward to interacting with you more :)

    Sarah @ Life in a Break Down


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  3. WOW! Thank you thank you thank you for sharing!
    Makeup by Rachel

  4. I constantly worry as well as doubt myself...yet i have a good job, 2 gorgeous healthy kids, a husband that adores me and a roof over our heads!! I guess sometimes we just dont realise how lucky we are!!
    found you via the followers to friends bloghop and have followed xxx


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