All growed up.

*sniff sniff*

We are on the last day of his first FULL week. Day 7 school day.

My baby boy is changing so much already!! I actually was thinking to myself "wonder if we will notice a change by christmas" Like hell, he is already noticing letters he never noticed before. He asks what EVERY word starts with, sounds out words (i.e. ca ca ca t t t), gets dressed all by himself (which he did do before but has totally got the hang of it now) and is even more willing to learn - WAHEY!

His confidence is just blooming day by day.

This was taken on my phone - hence crap quality!
I have already learnt so much too.
In true bullet point form. 
  • Helping and getting involved is good. School trip next week and i'm so excited to go with them all.
  • Don't be shy. It gets you nowhere. Being chatty and open is good, thats how you make friends Charlotte.
  • Stepping back and "letting go" may not be ideal or emotionally favourable but it does let them be independent and learn who they are for themselves. After all, you can't hold on to them forever and you definitely can't tell them who they are.
Thought of the day - read above bullet points, over and over again.

P.s. Like my new layout/design? Thanks to my wondeful Husband! X

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