Lush lush gush

We had the grand idea that most of the mums from reception could meet up just before school starts so the kiddies can know who each other are and we can all have a natter and a picnic.

Idea = Lush
Day = Lush
Outcome = Gush

It put everything into reality. The past 6 weeks of "school starts in September". The past 6 weeks of wondering if the uniform fits (Yeah alright, i didn't wanna try it on him for a while, okay?). 6 weeks of stomach churning, heart breaking thoughts. 2 more sleeps before THE day and we decide to do a picnic with all his NEW friends and all my future playground banter friends. I thought the idea was originially gush. In fact we had SUCH a lovely day, they all played so wonderfully and it set them right up for a fab first day.
Why do i feel so sad about it?
Reality has well and truly hit home.
I'm elated he has such fantastic friends, i'm elated these fantastic children have fantastic parents and it seems we have a great future ahead of us all. I'm gutted it is only 2 more sleeps, i am gutted my baby boy will only be at home 1 full day a week BUT i'm so excited to watch him grow.

His skin the cleanest, his eyes so innocent, his feet unwalked on and his hands so delicate.

My my, my little soldier. Haven't you grown...

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