The night before the first day.

Dear Harvey,

I have been pondering on this all day. What to say, or even where to start.

We're here! We made it. You're alive, breathing, walking and talking. My parenting skills must be on the right track, right?

After warm milk and home made chocolate brownies before bed you were buzzing with excitement. Those beautiful brown eyes full of sparkle and love. So so looking forward to your first day at school.

Uniform bought, name tags sewn in and bag packed. You're ready to go! Ready to start this amazing adventure. Ready for those tiny size 8 feet of yours to step into the big wide world.

I love how at ease you are about this massive change, how comfortable you are feeling. I know you don't "do" change, i know it makes you feel out of place. I will so try my hardest to make you feel safe, but i think you are coping fine by yourself. A sign of growing up.

Growing up...

You will do so much of that this first year, please don't do it too quickly. I wan't to hold on to you just a little bit longer. Treasure these precious moments together just a few moments more.

I can't wait to watch you read your first book you bring home. Watch you write your first sentence and listen to you sing new songs. I wish i could bottle up those firsts, instead i will point the camera at you and snap away. Capture these beautiful memories we will make soon... together.

I can't promise I will walk you through those school gates on time every day. I can't promise i will remember your P.E kit on the right days and I can't promise that i won't miss you. Because my sweetheart i will miss you more than you will ever know. I can promise i will pick you up every single day with arms wide open and a big smile on my face, i promise we can talk about your day walking home, I promise i will do your spellings with you and help you with reading. I can promise you I will always be here when you need me. For a chat or just a warm cuddle. I will be here when your friendships break, i will be here when you graize your knees and rip holes in your trousers. I will be there waving and grinning when you're in your first play or singing in a school concert. My little soldier, I will never ever go.

Love you always,




  1. So beautiful. Thank you for sharing that personal sentiment.

  2. lovely! Hope he's having a wonderful time at school!


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