Its over!

Clearly my head was not in a stable and with-it-enough state to write this yesterday. I would've have emotionally combusted and spilt tears all over the keyboard and then there would be no more blogging.

So we are here, on day 2. And WOW what a difference one day makes.

Day 1 was... er.... surreal. He was so excited in the morning and we had his favourite breakfast to kick start the day (mainly because i knew he likes croissants and if his teacher asked what he had for breakfast he could say he ate something rather than nuffink). We were all up, dressed, fed and ready to go by 8.20am - 25 minutes too early - and out on the drive taking photos in the sunshine. Obviously he looked so ridiculously smart in his uniform which nearly made me burst into a hysterical cry but i did the good mummy thing and didn't let him see.

The walk there was good, we both chatted and he seemed very confident.

Then we got into the playground.

Overwhelmed by the whole thing he didn't want to have his picture taken, and didn't want to play in the playground. We sat on some steps round the side of the school only for a few minutes so i could reassure him that everything IS fine and he WILL have the best first day he could ever wish for. 
The bell was rung and everyone had to line up. He clung onto the pram so tightly and his little face just shouted shy. My boy? Shy? No way! 
He held onto my hand walking up to the class room (subsequently resulting in the pram toppling over on its side up the steep hill from the playground, luckily a mummy friend came to the rescue or i would've had 2 babies on the floor!!) and when it was goodbye time he hugged me and ran into his class. Put his bookbag in the right box and sat so beautifully on the carpet waiting for the teacher's orders.

Then I left.

And walked home. Whilst hysterically uncontrollable-breathing crying. Put the two smallest in the car and went to mums. Whilst hysterically uncontrollable-breathing crying. I arrived and had calmed myself down, focused on drinking tea and chatting with mum. She then hugged me. So I was off again...

It DID get better.

I did stop crying and i did smile.

I came home at lunchtime and from then on i was counting down the minutes to pick up time. I didn't achieve anything all day, i did no washing, i did no cleaning or ironing. I actually have no idea what i did? But i didn't sit and cry - so i'd call it a success day!

Pick up was the BEST. Joe met us at the school gates and we chatted about his day the whole way home. He ate all his lunch, he learnt about the letter 'C' and he played on the field at break time, and he was VERY excited to go again "after a sleep".

The second morning was much better, he played on the playground and lined up beautifully behind his friends without a fuss.

I can see his confidence growing already. Which, yes, terrifies me, but wow I can't wait to share this journey with him.

oh and by the way... happy 100th post!!

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