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My blog has been totally taken over by the fact my biggest boy has started school. (Don't worry, this isn't another school post!) So i am totally dedicating this to the other two who i seem to have forgotten about recently.

Polly has really grown up lately. He is learning new words, finally fitting in his 18-24m clothes (at over 2years old) and just generally being a total sweetheart. Yes, he is still a git and VERY cheeky but i think the birth of E has really matured him. Sort of given him no choice but to grow up!

I didn't really think about the affect H going to school would have on him, until the night before he started (okay i had to drop it in somewhere...). He was very quiet on both the days and VERY excited to pick him up. I have told him he starts playgroup next week and he can do painting and all things chaotic, which he nodded in agreement to and squealed. Who knows if he has any idea what i'm banging on about?!

Thats my next hurdle! Playgroup for my baby boy! It sounds awful but i'm not that nervous about it. I don't feel like i'm going to burst into tears at the thought. I think its because i KNOW he is ready. Physically - he could be at school! He is one determined little cookie, thats for sure. So every wednesday morning i get 3 whole hours just me and my girl. Whoa! What shall i do?! 

Baby group. I made a pledge that I didn't carry through. Not even once. I WILL do it, i will i will i will.

Elsie, yeah she is just amazing. So full of life already, a screamer like Polly and knows exactly what she wants (and of course, she gets it). We still cannot believe we actually have a girl. A girl!! Every single day we comment on it. Be it when changing "Omg who stole her willy?!" Or when we get her dressed "I'm just putting this PINK DRESS on you!". Even Harvey comments on it now and has often said "Wow Mummy, we actually get to keep her forever!" She really is that missing piece to our life.

So yeah... Life is pretty bloody fantastic!

Thought of the day - Wish i could bottle this time in my life up, so when I am old and grey I can open it up and take a sniff. Just so i can remember how lucky we are.

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