Tuesday 10!

Over at Mom2MemphisAndRuby she does a link up every tuesday with 10 things...

Today's theme is "10 things you wish you knew 10 years ago"

I was 12.. That's right.. TWELVE.

  1. I wish i knew that friendships would come and go quicker than the days, and not get hung up on a friendship breaking
  2. I wish i knew that the end was in sight for me and my Dad
  3. I wish i knew that GCSE's weren't LIFE OR DEATH!!
  4. I wish i knew that image didn't matter, its about how you feel on the inside and not how straight your teeth were or how longer your hair was
  5. I wish i knew that me and my mum would be so close 10 years later, so that i could have started our amazing relationship even sooner instead of pissing it up the wall!
  6. I wish i knew that all the little things i worried about all the time, really don't matter on the grand scheme of things.
  7. I wish i knew that i would have children so young, so i could live just that bit more before my whole life changed
  8. I wish i knew that Joe would have been my saviour, i definitely would have found him sooner!!
  9. I wish i knew that me and my step dad would have a great relationship eventually, i wouldn't have been so harsh on him then!
  10. I wish i knew that one relationship would destroy any friends i had at school, i wouldn't have got so deep.
Well that's mine.. (hmmm.. intense huh!?!) Why not head over and link yours up!



  1. You have had a very interesting life! I think it is neat to see how people have different lists depending on how old they are (now and 10 years ago). I think my list of things I wish I knew when I was 12 years old would be different than the list I wrote :) But your #1 works for any age - and is something I still need to remember - even at 28 :) Happy Tuesday!

    1. I do don't i!! It's mad! Yeah, #1 is definitely a "must-repeat-to-oneself"!! Thanks for stopping by and reading :)

  2. Hi! I'm a new follower from the blog hop! Come visit me whenever you get a chance! :)

    Number 7 = definitely!! ;) Love number 6 too!

    ♥ Shar

  3. Hey, I was sure i had joined your blog before. I remember looking at your blog and loving the layout! Anyhoo.. i'm now following! Thanks for the follow back :)


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