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I have been thinking about writing this for a few weeks, its more of a "Why didn't they tell me all of this?!" but hopefully it will help other people in realising what life is ACTUALLY like after having a baby and that actually, its not the end of the world and there are so many tricks and advice out there to help you through it.

Okay.. So 3 times now i have been pregnant (shocking huh?!) and i'm sure that every time i have wished someone just TELL ME what will happen afterwards. All the innocent "it will be perfect" comments and the sleepless nights and the "Oh it will be sooo worth it!" of COURSE still stand but why don't they tell you how it really is??

Why don't they tell you that it can take up to a WEEK for your milk to come in after you give birth? Well.. it can take that long! This doesn't mean you should stop breastfeeding because "I have no milk". It means you keep at it, girl! You go for it and you show those Health Professions you HAVE what it takes!

Why don't they tell you that my god it actually hurts to breastfeed but if you stick it out that the pain goes away. The cracked nipples, the blocked ducts and the full breast pads after an hour DO calm down. It does all slow down and actually, it is amazing.

Why don't they tell you that peeing can hurt? But if you pour hot water down THERE when you do go, it takes aaaalll the sting away! Incredible!

Why don't they tell you that your baby changes EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Take sooo many pictures because before you know it they will be sitting up and babbling away and you'll wonder where the newborn days went.

Why not tell us that they actually mean it when they say go out, enjoy your "freedom" whilst you can. It really is true.

Why not tell us that actually breathing the head out is far more tear-friendly! Honestly, do NOT push!! Breeeathe. Best advice i was ever given.

There are a few things they DO say that are true and you should definitely take on board...

Like how important it is to stay calm through labour. Take advantage of your own bodies endorphins to help with pain relief.

How incredible that moment is when you give birth. That moment that your baby gets put on your chest, the relief you feel and how PROUD of yourself you are that you done it!

How utterly amazing it is to bring home your baby, to watch them day to day and learn their personality and character. Bond with them and really interact. Interaction is key. 

How euphoric that feeling is knowing you have brought a child into the world, they are solely your responsibility and even when you are ill, when you are sad or happy, or when you don't want to go out, or when you do want a day out, they will always be with you. And that feeling is just TOTALLY indescribable.

And.. that no matter what they do say, Enjoy it! Because all those little things don't matter at the end of it, and children are just amaaazing!!

(And because this is far too deep and intense.. i'll end it on a few pictures that make me laugh!)



  1. LOVE this! Brilliant! They also don't tell you how much you bleed after birth, that it's OK to cuddle your baby all day and all night for the first while (you can't make rods for your own back early on so don't stress!) and few people tell you the wonderful things... Too many people want to scare you about how HARD it is... Not as many want to tell you for the most part YOU WON'T CARE HOW HARD IT IS!!! You're head over heels in love by this point and you just get on with it!!! :D xxx

  2. Hahahah, I so relate to this post!!

  3. this was so great. and so true. so many things they just don't tell you, right?

  4. There is so much to be told! And sometimes I think they do tell you, but if your not in the head space to hear it you don't really 'hear' it. It's a big messy, lovely experience! Thanks for linking up for Flash Blog Friday :-)


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