Uh oh... Confession time!

I have seen a LOT of blogs lately with posts about confessions, i haven't been sleeping much the past few nights and i think its because i have far too much on my mind. So in a vague attempt to clear my head, here's todays confessions

- I may or may not have saw 3 for £1.20 on chocolate bars in tesco and scoffed the whole lot on the drive home...
- I was told off in a class meeting about putting pictures on FB. And i did feel bloody terrible
- I often hide behind the fridge and eat anything in sight so the kids can't see
- H still has a bottle of milk in the morning and in the evening, and it's always warm
- I love to do nothing.
- I try and make Oliver nap on the sofa so i can rest too, even though he just pretends and we end up in a big giggling mess.
- I use babywipes to dust before friends come over. I hate dusting.

Okay that is all for now... anymore and i might start coming out in hot sweats. ;)

Feel free to share yours. Go on, make me feel a bit better!! 

Oh also... Monkey Foot put my review up on their FB page... eeep!

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  1. I was so impressed with how Euna can suck her toes I tried to see if I could suck mine...


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