Friday Photo Dump

I have had major writers block this week. I have a gazillion things in my head and can't write it down. So instead of ignoring you all, i'm gonna offload a few pictures from this week. Weather has been HIDEOUS and light in the house has been so poor, the same week we bought a new lens! Pants. But here are a few...

 50mm 2.8

 50mm 2.8

 50mm 2.8

 New lens. [sigma 17-50mm f2.8] this was shot at 50mm 2.8
 Shot at 35mm 2.8

This was shot at 50mm 2.8 with the sigma

 Same as above.

We were debating for days on what new lens to buy. I wanted one for more out and about and landscape, but still zoom in to get good portrait pictures. I KNOW the quality isn't and won't be as good as the 50mm 1.8  BUT its still good enough. And i'm loving it. I haven't had a chance to go out and about with it yet but when i do.. expect a full review and comparison :)

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