Tuesday 10 - Random facts

Today on Tuesday 10 over at Lena B, Actually is 10 random facts about me.

I struggle with stuff like this but lets give it a bash all the same..

1. I love that i grew my hair long but i'm itching to chop it all off again... Like this...

Look how skinny i was! Look how cute H was!!

2. I hate bananas, like.. HATE.

3. I have never watched a Monty Python film. Film? Are they even films?

4. I adore MJ. Actually cried when he died.

5. Can't stand halloween. Why celebrate the devil? Pointless.

6. I adore my mum's raspberry and chocolate pavlova. It is amazing. Everyone needs to try it.

7. I miss this...

8. I love soaps. Properly love them!

9. If i won the lottery i wouldn't buy a massive house. Just a good sized family home.

10. Can't stand people who materialise everything. Have to have the best of everything. Nothing wrong with a good old second hand fridge, or the cheaper TV. 

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  1. haha i love your hair- either way! And i have never watched monty python either!

    Helene in Between

  2. I am with you on the big house. A million bathrooms to clean? No thanks. Just a yard for my boys to get dirty in and a kitchen where I can cook and my people can talk :)

  3. I'll admit I'm a big Monty Python fan (and I was raised on Are you being served?) thanks to my Brit Mam/Grandmom. I am with you on the house. No crazy mansion for me. Enough room to play and be happy but not so much that I can't HEAR their laughter in the house :) Following back from http://fluffimama.blogspot.com/ <3


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