Going viral

I started my blog on the 16th January 2011. Not really knowing what it was all about, where to start or how i would write. I didn't realise how huge the world of blogging was, and i started it to basically inform family and friends who don't have facebook what we all get up to. Saved on me emailing a stack of photos and writing a ton of letters. Totally lazy on my part.

Well, it wasn't until i had Elsie that i really thought aboing "going viral". I was always keen to gain followers and i posted a few bits on my personal facebook page but i didn't know HOW to gain them. In my naive state of baby bliss i thought they would all come piling in when some huge blogger read my blog and shared it with the world because it was SO AMAZING.

How wrong was I.

Blog hops, link ups, a facebook page, and a co host later i feel like i'm getting somewhere. With just over 50 followers (yeah, i know you're all laughing. "50 followers you say... thats nothing on my 1,200 followers.") i feel like i'm on the road to making it!

I think a lot of it is confidence. I don't actually think i am good enough to go all out viral. I don't really try as much as i should, and i do think a lot of my followers don't even read it!!

So when do you get to a point where you advertise? When do you start your OWN blog hops and link ups? I would quite like to get to that stage.

That is all for now, i'm off to ponder some more and fold some washing. Joys.



  1. Hi,

    A lot of blogging is about replying and commenting to others; that imo is by far the most important aspect to keeping and maintaining your followers. After all, you wouldn't continue to comment on someone's blog for long if they never, ever replied to you or commented on your own blog.

    But yes, links and participating in memes can also go a long way to getting your blog noticed, as well as features and such.

    Sadly, a lot of 'followers' are also often bots, so I wouldn't go by follower counts personally - just don't get sucked into the whole 'stats' thing as it'll send you crazy!
    I rarely ever look at my blog stats, but then I am not a business and I'm not dependent on people visiting me.

    It depends on what you want from blogging, really.

  2. Hey, thanks so much for the advice - that means a lot :) I do try and reply to all my comments. I need to take more attention to commenting on others too as i'm slacking there. I do read a lot, but dont often comment so i will definitely start doing that. Once again, thank you!! :)

  3. I have just started to blog and I was in the same boat as you, i thought that ppl would just come and follow :-|. However luckly I know someone three years doing blogs and got give a huge helping hand to get me on the right track. I started to blog mid September and now I have ten followers who are not just people i know. Needless to say I'm following your blog now as you stuck a cord with me :-) i hope you will do the same ;-P Look forward to your posts x

    By the way I found you through the party


  4. I think you have a great blog and I think you are ready to do whatever you want to do! It's your blog! Good luck!

    julie @ Naptime Review

  5. yes..blogging takes effort...i will stop when it gets to be too much effort, but now for me, it is still lots of fun!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    happy weekend!

    1. Thats the thing, i want it to be fun! Which it really is! I don't want it to take over... :)

  6. Little by little. We all have to start somewhere. I say, go for it and let loose. Thanks for sharing. I started an Empowered Living Tuesday blog hop and would love for you to link up. I'm not huge but just going with it.

    1. Cool, will come and take a look. Baby steps, right!? The blogging ladder!

  7. You've got a great blog and it just takes patience... and a lot of effort. Joining blog hops help... I know you believe in yourself or you wouldn't have started this in the first place! Good luck!


I love to hear from you, i read every comment and try and reply to them al! Thank you for taking the time to read :)

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